Assisting UK Companies with Registering US Trademarks

If you want to know about or file for trademark registration in the United States, you’ve come to the right place. Based in Washington, D.C., Gerben Law Firm focuses entirely on trademarks. In fact, trademark attorney Josh Gerben takes pride in the fact that his law firm concentrates on one area, US trademarks, and does it very well.

Gerben Law Firm also wants to give clients a great experience while filing for trademark registration. The firm prefers to offer fair, flat fees, having clients work directly with their trademark attorney, and providing top notch legal advice. If you are looking to register your trademark in the US, give Gerben Law Firm a call. You will certainly enjoy the experience.

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US Trademark Registration Done Right the First Time

Gerben Law Firm offers one package for trademark registration. Why just one package? Because Gerben Law Firm only performs comprehensive federal, state, and common law trademark searches. This significantly reduces the possibility that you will face a trademark infringement lawsuit. Not believing in partial or incomplete searches, Gerben law firm leaves no stone unturned.

Trademark law can be complex, especially in the united states where any of the 50 states may also issue registration for a trademark, or “common law” may apply if a trademark is currently being used in commerce. So even with a US federal trademark registration, it is possible you are not the only one with rights to the trademark. If someone else has a state-based trademark registration or has common law use of a trademark which predates your US trademark application, that person may be able to sue you for trademark infringement. With a comprehensive trademark search, Gerben Law Firm covers all of these areas by searching in common law databases, all 50 states databases, and the U.S. federal trademark database.

Once your search is completed, trademark attorney Josh Gerben will hand-draft and file your registration application. This further ensures that your trademark application provides the broadest rights available to you and is not denied because of a technicality.
If you are interested in registering a trademark in the United States, have any questions, or would like to find out more about our trademark registration package please call Gerben Law Firm at 1-800-281-6275 view for more information.